A persuasive writer, dynamic editor and audience advocate for companies ranging in services from health care to financial, and from real estate to appraisal. Ability to work cooperatively with employees as diverse as CEOs, physicians, nurses, salespeople and engineers. Extensive experience as a manager with responsibility for determining budgets.

Connections Magazine, Winter 2010 Issue

As the Editor, Sara Patterson selected the feature story about a teenager born with a nevus, or pigmented birthmark, whose life was transformed through its removal by a NorthShore plastic surgeon. While Sara works with several writers to produce each issue of the magazine, she wrote the articles about  a patient with tremors who opts for a life-changing procedure that implants  a pacemaker for his brain through the exceptional teamwork of NorthShore physicians and NorthShore’s  Outpatient Clinic at Evanston Hospital, which serves almost 5,000 patients annually for comprehensive medical service at little or no charge.

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Feb. 10, 2010