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Critical Values, April 2012

Economics has entered the healthcare arena. Pathologists have a professional responsibility to advise clinicians of which tests for patients are necessary and which are not through appropriate test utilization. The American Society for Clinical Pathology as joined the Choosing Wisely campaign with several major national organizations to help healthcare practitioners, patients, and other stakeholders develop sustainable solutions to stop the overuse or misuse of medical tests and procedures that provide little or no benefit. Sara S. Patterson wrote the profile about Roger L. Bertholf, PhD, who is a clinical scientist devoted to solving the puzzles of diseases. Dr. Bertholf is the new Editor-in-Chief of LabMedicine, ASCP™s journal for medical laboratory professionals. As the Managing Editor, she edited all the articles and wrote the stories for ASCP News.

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Critical Values, April 2012 Issue


Apr. 12, 2012