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Elizabeth Taylor: Unparalleled Loveliness

Elizabeth Taylor’s death kept interrupting my thoughts last week. The world is a sadder place for her passing.
She was simply the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and expect I will ever see. I wanted to be Elizabeth Taylor when I grew up. From the first time I saw her in “Jane Eyre” when she was a child and never forgot her face, her voice, and her naturalism.

The beautiful graceful child became a breathtaking woman who had trouble convincing people that she could act. But Elizabeth Taylor was a fine, intelligent actress who set the precedent of beautiful woman deliberately looking older and uglier (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf?) to persuade the Academy Awards to take her seriously. Sound familiar to Nicole Kidman or Charlize Theron? Of course, they followed in her footsteps 40 years later.

And Liz was bigger than life with her many husbands. But the only one who really mattered was Richard Burton; she married him twice and might have married him again if Richard had not died before his time. Despite her death, her beauty will live on in her movies and her beauty may never be equaled. She broke the mold.

Nov. 30, 2011