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Gardening and Editing Share Some Traits

As I worked in my garden this weekend, I considered the similarities between editing and gardening. When I edit copy, I have to take out the words that clutter the copy, change words that are not the right ones, and create the best presentation for the story.

When I was gardening on Sunday, I had to pull out the weeds that destroy the space and roots of the flowers and herbs, pull out plant species such as lilies and spearmint when they invade the space of other plants, and trim off the dead flowers or branches to restore more beauty and symmetry, not to mention health, to the flowers and rose bushes. I have to know when to trim and weed, and at what point to leave the garden alone, just like editing copy.

The beauty of a well-tended, well designed garden is like the loveliness of a good story. And like a good story, a garden can always be better and has a thousand possibilities. It can be refined and remade, but if the structure is good, its beauty will keep improving.

Apr. 16, 2012