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The Art of War for Women – Great Advice in Life and in the Office

Occasionally a book leaps off the shelf and into your hands, and changes your life. That’s what reading “The Art of War for Women” by Chin-ning Chu has done for me. While I am not usually a big fan of business books, this one is different. The Asian-American author has masterfully applied the philosophy of Sun Tzu to how women can use his 13 principles to gain more power and understanding of their lives and how to negotiate the realities of the workplace.

While I just finished reading it, now I plan to go back to sections at the beginning and understand how I can apply these approaches to my life and especially how I can devise a more effective strategy to find a permanent job. For more, see http://www.achievemax.com/bookreviews/the-art-of-war-for-women/.

Jun. 13, 2010