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Helen Thomas: Betrayed by New Media

When Helen Thomas told a rabbi holding a camera that the Jews should leave Palestine and return to their homelands in Germany and Poland, she betrayed her ignorance of the new media. At 89 years old, Thomas learned firsthand that the world has changed dramatically.

She has made a career of being a rascally, abrasive reporter. While Thomas should have realized that her remarks were not diplomatic and should not have been said to a rabbi, she did not understand how different the world is today. The speed and connections possible now can ruin someone with a solid 50-year career in the White House press corps in less than 24 hours.

Somehow, her betrayal at her age makes me sad. If Thomas were younger, I would say that her fate was deserved. But at 89 years old, someone should have given her a break. I just wish someone had explained to her that what would not have been news three years ago can mean that you lose your job today.

Jun. 9, 2010