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How a Club Stays Relevant in the 21st Century

Recently, I stayed at the Columbia Club in Indianapolis while I was attending a conference. Twenty years ago, I had been there for a blues night that my boss and I hosted for participants at a big telecommunications conference. At that time, the main rooms of the Columbia Club were lovely, but the guest rooms were a bit dated. I remember some of our salespeople complained about the showers and towels.

Fortunately, during the intervening years, the Columbia Club has installed new showers and other amenities that have kept the charm intact but moved the guest rooms up a notch. The lovely woodwork and early 20th-century furniture in public spaces looks spruced up without the cookie-cutter look of generic conference centers.

But as I saw many older members in the dining rooms, I wondered how the Columbia Club would survive for future generations. By the end of my stay, I knew how it had adapted and would thrive for the foreseeable future.

Great employees at the front desk and in the dining rooms remember members’ and guests’ names and food preferences. For example, at breakfast after the first morning, my server remembered that I wanted hot tea and brought it immediately. At dinner, servers spoke to the members like they were friends but were scrupulous about catering to their every whim.

Constant stream of events are held at the Columbia Club from singers to concerts to Easter Egg hunts. One evening, I returned to hear a wonderful piano concert in the lobby and atrium. A woman told me the concert for a local arts club. Clearly, the Columbia Club is part of the local community.

Apr. 13, 2012