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Masterful Director and Writer

Over the weekend, I watched the movie “Easy Living” for the first time. The great director, Preston Sturges, wrote this movie before he became a director. His style is evident from the first frames when Edward Arnold throws his wife’s sable coat out the window, and it lands on a poor working girl, Jean Arthur. The rest of the film plays like a mad comic version of Hitchcock’s mistaken identity movie plots with lots of zany twists and turns of phrase.

All the things that could have gone terribly wrong are smoothed out and over by the end. Everyone is happier at the end than at the beginning; misunderstandings are cleared up. But what makes the movie worth watching is a scene in an automat (a restaurant where you pay to open compartments with food) when the system goes beserk and all the windows are opening for free food. It’s better than any scene in a Marx Brothers or Mel Brooks movie. You have to see it to find out how wonderful comedy can be in the hands of the right writer and a great, zany cast.

Apr. 13, 2010