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Regenerating Geramiums

For four years, I have cut down the 14 geramium plants on both sides of the steps of our home in the fall, covered them, and then waited until late February. That’s when I uncover them in their stations at the windows of our basement and begin watering them in hopes they will come back to life for the spring, summer, and fall.

The first year, eight of the 14 red geramiums came back to life. I felt a sense of accomplishment, not to mention several dollars ahead when the cost to buy annuals came around.

The next year, nine geramiums came back to life. Last year, 10 geramiums poked up out of the brown stems. And this February, a miraculous 13 of the 14 came back. I felt like cheering those resilient plants. Although it’s still a mystery to me why some plants come back from the brink of death and others don’t.

But I do know that I cannot wait until the weather is warm enough to move those 13 geramiums from my back porch (They have graduated from the basement windows at this point in their evolution.) to the front steps. Of course, I have to purchase one red geramium to join the regenerated ones. That’s a small price to pay.

Apr. 30, 2012