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Snow Daze

What happened to those two glorious, unexpected snow days last week? Actually, it’s kind of a blur except for walking the dog through the neighborhood.

The first walk on Wednesday morning, Feb. 2, 2011, was most memorable because it was so quiet and so beautiful. Much of the snow was untouched except by the wind. My dog, Griffen, and I could trudge (well, he leaped) along the sidewalk because the wind had cleared it. When we turned up a sidestreet, a lone guy with a snowblower had cleared one short block. That was so easy. The next few blocks, we had to walk on the street, which had been plowed several hours before but was walkable. The streets and sidewalks off this street were impassable until we came out a major Chicago street with road and sidewalks cleared.

By Wednesday afternoon, the neighbors were out and their progress on clearing snow from sidewalks was amazing. Our shared experience of weathering the storm was acknowledged with smiles and hellos from those I knew by sight and complete strangers. Many dogs and their owners were outside.

Otherwise, I got some home projects done, but nothing major was accomplished. I did a little work to keep projects afloat. Mostly, I enjoyed a rare, unplanned time to play and looked longingly at the circular fort some older children had built. Snow days are more fun when you’re kid. But these days made me remember being younger.

Feb. 2, 2011