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The Amish

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, is the heart of the Amish community in the United States. There the Amish co-exist in their own community within the larger community of Mennonites and “regular” U.S. citizens. They take trains, use buggies and carriages, and scoot on strange bicycles without rubber wheels. They still plow the rich earth with teams of six horses. And their meals are rich in fat and often include desserts. But most of them are not fat, because the physical labor in their lives uses up so many calories.

Seeing how they live is a step back to the 19th century. The movie “Witness” from 1985 probably captured the juxtaposition of their lives to our society’s different ways the best. We can mingle with the Amish, but our lives are too different since we are more violent, more consumed with using technology to do things faster and more wasteful.

I would love to think that I could live like the Amish. But I know that I cannot. The Amish, however, can be an inspiration for being more resourceful and less wasteful in the 21st century.

Jul. 13, 2011