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The True Meaning of Reconnection

My teenage years were full of the normal confusion, awkwardness, and unrequited crushes as the rest of my peers. But where my high school life differed from the norm were my lifelong friends I made when I was a boarding student at Emma Willard School in Troy, N.Y. I have described Emma Willard to friends as “Hogwarts without the magic.” We had lovely gothic buildings with gargoyles, plenty of dark wood, and stories of ghosts flitting through the halls and towers. The gargoyles and ghosts just did not come alive except in our imaginations. And we had cafeteria food in our dining halls, but other than the desserts, it wasn’t very tasty and the menu was very repetitive.

Thinking back on my high school friends after my recent high school reunion, I know that I made friends who I can trust and love for the rest of my life. These are friends who remember the best about me, not the worst, and who remain good friends even if we have not seen each other for more than 20 years. Once we start talking, the years just melt away.

In those high school years, we did fun, crazy stunts that I will never do again. For example, we would sneak down into the dining halll by sending the lightest one (usually me) down in a dumb waiter to steal a tub of ice cream, eluding the Pinkies (security guards). We would then rush outside with spoons to eat as much ice cream as we could stand.

Or I remember the time we sent messages back and forth (two floors below) on a rope with a clip to high school boys from the Thacher School exchange program. We promised them one of us was coming down by rope and constructed a life-size doll named Priscilla with a nylon stuffed body and a paper bag head. Priscilla almost fooled them until she swayed in the wind. Those were amazing times in my life, and I was lucky enough to share them with friends who are still stay in touch and that I see at the Emma Willard reunions.

Jan. 18, 2012